03 May 2009

Where have the sports editors gone?

Do newspaper sports editors exist in Nepal? I read three different articles about the AFC Presidents Cup in three different English newspapers and each one of them spelled the name of participating Tajikistan team, Regar-TadAZ, incorrectly.

I understand that the ANFA press-release was probably written in Nepali and thus the journalists had to translate it into English, but isn't it their duty to check the facts, spellings, etc.? Have they not heard of Google, Wikipedia, FIFA/AFC Official websites?


  1. How come Nepalese sports editor have time to edit , they just have time to attend dinner programmes etcs.....

  2. Not just that, there are spelling errors on official internet news sites as well. Like kantipuronline.com or nepalnews.com. It is sad since they are representing the whole company, and it seems the editors aren't doing a good job.

  3. Not a surprise.As a matter of fact, such mistakes should not happen but is happening much to our chargin. Be it any proper or common noun, spelling has to be hundread percent right. There is no exuse for it. It is all about who cares attitude when it comes to news or features related to sports in the sports desk. Hopefully the editor does something about it and not distract readers.

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