10 May 2009

Nepal has a Beach Volleyball team! Will our women be subjected to bikinis?

Here is an article on the struggles of volleyball in Nepal. A few national team volleyballers are headed to Bangladesh for a beach volleyball tournament. Yes, that's right! No beaches in the country, but we do have some beach volleyballers - kind of like the Jamaican bobsled team I suppose.

As you can see from the picture, beach volleyball is one of the few sports that has "maximum" dress code. Basically, you have to play in your underwear unless you are Muslim (That's not a joke). I'm curious to know if the Nepali girls who will be participating in the tournament will be given some extra clothing allowance due to cultural sensitivities. If not, Perhaps Hisila Yami and the All Women's Association (Republican) will take-up the cause to make sure our women beach volleyballers are fully clothed. After some very taxing research, I have dug-up a picture of how a potential Nepali lady in beach volleyball garb would look. Oh the humanity!
I remember a while ago some beach volleyball tournament was held in Nepal, but looking at the photos it didn't quite heat-up the banks of the Trisuli. FYI - The above is a picture of Miss Nepal 2004 at the Miss World pageant.


  1. no way Nepalese women to wear bikini if they are playing in Nepali beaches......yeah I saw the some pictures on the news papers nepalese women wearing like normal vollyball jersey...

  2. But the pictures are probably for tournaments in Nepal which were not properly sanctioned. The international beach volleyball rules clearly state that you need to be in "beach clothing" - i.e. swimsuits. So if nepal hosts an official tournament, i think our women will be forced to strip down.