04 May 2009

Nepal Ski Team mystery in the French Alps

Strange story making the rounds linking a member of the Nepal ski team, Jehovah Witnesses, French Alps and late King Birendra - sounds like an abysmal attempt at a suspense novel.

The article briefly mentioned that Nepal's Ski team had collapsed because of a funding dispute with the Nepal Olympic Committee. Seems a bit strange as Jeevan Ram Shrestha, president of the Nepal Ski Association, is also head honcho of the National Sports Council and General Secretary of the NOC. I am more interested in the latter saga than the former mystery (though obviously pray for the safety of the missing skier)

Update (12 May): BBC Reports that the skier Uttam Rayamajhi has been found through the help of Facebook. Supposedly, he and his teammate are training for Vancouver 2010 Olympics.


  1. I had read this story several days back and it's really weird. I had heard of the religious group, Jehovah's Witnesses before. There were stories of children rape and molestation done by the "priests" to young kids. The controversies were similar to those we hear of about the Catholic churches in the US. Anyway, Jeevan had been approached by this same group and it is kind of scary to be honest.

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