23 May 2009

Sports means business

The line "Sports is a business" is sort of the phrase du jour in the sporting circles. The Himalayan Times has taken it quite literally by placing a sports story in the business section of their website. The NPC - Regar TadAZ preview which appeared in the business section was missing in the sports section. The Kathmandu Post online edition made a similar gaff as some business stories appeared below the headline, "Regar Tadaz through".


  1. A clear case of negligence and who cares attitude on part of those responsible. Surprisingly an important sport story involving the home team should have found space on sports page.It is a shame and hopefully the person incharge pays heed to the issue.

  2. How many times are they allowed to get away with such shoddy editing? I have cited about half-a-dozen such cases in only the 3 months this Blog has been operating.

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