08 May 2009

Nepal Cricket League nicknames

Though I found them revolting at first, the IPL team nicknames have really grown on me. I now have concluded that the names are a great mix of classic (Rajasthan Royals) and contemporary (Chennai Super Kings), unique (Deccan Chargers) and nostalgic (King's XI Punjab), corporate (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and nationalistic (Mumbai Indians), silly (Delhi DareDevils) and super duper silly (Kolkata Knight Riders).

So let's pretend CAN started a Twenty20 Nepal Cricket League, what would the team nicknames be? Below are my choices - presuming that the teams would be based where the current six teams that participate in the National League are located.

Prime Minister's XI Biratnagar (A tribute to the long history of PMs and politicians that have come from Biratnagar)

Birgunj Bandits (Just read the newspapers on a daily basis and you'll understand)

Kathmandu Kings (Historical reference to the 3 Malla kingdoms of Kathmandu, not the Shah dynasty)

Border Boys of Bhairawa (It's a border city that has no unique characteristics)

Nepalgunj Nepalis (Why not?)

Baitadi Buffaloes (Struggled with this one, but I'm sure there are some Buffaloes roaming that town)

Expansion city candidates:

Pokhara Lakers (Famous for its lakes)

Dharan Warriors/Gurkhas (Hotbed of Gurkha recruitment)

What nicknames would you give?