02 May 2009

Madhyapur leading the way in youth development

I came away very impressed after attending the second year launch of the Madhyapur Youth Association, a club founded by former national team captain Upendra Man Singh, based in Bhaktapur district. Hats-off to Upendra and his team, they are really doing a terrific job at their club which boasts one of Nepal's few football academies. Currently there are 30 boys (Fifteen Under 14 and fifteen Under 12) who are receiving regular training.

What impressed me most about MYA is the strong coordination they have created with sponsors, schools, the community, former players from the area and parents. They are a shining example of a club planting their roots in their locality.

They have secured multiple 'small' sponsors and donors to provide equipment and capital for the club. One bicycle store even donated five bicycles as an award for the best academy players. All the boys in the academy receive free schooling, with a host of schools providing scholorships to MYA players. These are but a few examples of what MYA is doing.

As some of you know, I myself run a football training program in Morang and I must admit that I learned a lot from my visit to MYA and will definitely be trying to emulate some the things they are doing.