As an avid sports development advocate I try my best to practice what I preach. Over the years I’ve been privileged to be in a position to initiate and support various sports related projects.

I try to organize projects that help develop the sports ecosystem and empower clubs and sports officials (i.e. teach a man to fish).

I work with unsung heroes – the ones who rarely are recognized and do it 24/7/365 for the love of the game and their communities.

The projects are just me going out into the fields and getting my hands dirty. They are self-funded, free of any bureaucracy and tend to be under the media’s radar. That’s the way I like it.

I'm always open to new ideas and collaboration. If you have any suggestions or know of people or groups I might consider working with, please do get in touch.

Projects organized include:       

  • Sports equipment donation (Various clubs in Eastern Nepal) - 2006
  • Youth Festival of Football (Urlabari) - 2008
  • Sports equipment donation (Various clubs in Western Nepal) - 2008
  • Introductory Coaching Course (Biratnagar) - 2009
  • Club Development Workshop (Biratnagar, Kathmandu) - 2009
  • Soccer Skills DVD (Nepal) - 2012
  • Sports equipment donation (Clubs engaged in youth football activities) - 2012
  • Sports Marketing lectures (Kathmandu University, South Asian Institute of Management, Rotary Club Kathmandu) - 2013
  • Sports equipment donation (Various clubs across Nepal) - 2014
  • Nepal Earthquake relief: donation of footballs for rehabilitation programs - 2015
  • Youth Football lecture (Lalitpur) - 2015
  • Sports equipment donation (Various clubs across Nepal) - 2015
  • Marketing support, including logo design and brand development (Various clubs across Nepal) - 2016
  • Financial support to Biratnagar Sports Academy - 2016
  • Support for the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club - 2015-2017
  • Sports business lectures to Fordham University and Kookmin University (Korea) - 2017
  • Training equipment to Madhyapur Youth Association - 2017
  • Kit donations to Biratnagar Sports Academy, Khwopa Kings and Oshonik Club - 2017
  • Fundraising for Nepalgunj Gold Cup - 2018
  • Donation of coaching books to Khwopa Kings - 2019
  • Sports business lectures to IISM and GISB (India) - 2019
  • Ball donations to Khopa Kings and Biratnagar Sports Club - 2020
  • Sports business lecture to the FIFA Master - 2021
  • Ball donations to Oceans Club, Gorkha - 2021
  • Kit donations to Biratnagar Sports Academy - 2021
  • Sports business lecture to the Jasoor Institute (Qatar)  - 2022
  • Sports equipment donation to Khwopa Kings - 2022
Sports Equipment Donation
Introductory Coaching Course
Introductory Referee Course
Kits for Oshonik Club, Biratnagar Sports Academy, Khwopa Kings

Equipment donation to Khwopa Kings via Himalayan Villans