16 May 2009

Al Jazeera special report on sport in Nepal

Al Jazeera did a three part series on sport in Nepal. They highlighted football, cricket and Taekwondo. There was also a bonus piece about Nepal's victory in the Under 17 Asia Cup (Cricket).


  1. Wow ! thats really a fantastic report on Al jajeera TV...I have this channel at home but I never seen this report...thanks for posting it I really enjoy....

  2. Thanks for posting Al Jazeera's special report on Nepali sports. It came as a surprise to me, nevertheless,I fully enjoyed. Hats off to the reporter for travelling as far as to Dharan in the context of his exclusive on Nepali football.By and large,all reports were concise, excellent and bang on target. I would like to thank Al Jazeera once again for highlighting Nepali sports.