07 April 2009

Of birdies and bogies

Notice all the golf articles recently in the media. Great job by golf sponsors (notably Surya Nepal) and organizers. As an affluent sport, one would presume the Nepal golf fraternity are quite adept at marketing their sport.

I am a decent follower of golf, but I am not sure what I feel about golf as a sport. I've always considered it more of a skill than a sport. How excited would I feel about a Nepali winning an Asian Games medal in golf or even better winning a prestigious golf tournament? Would it highlight Nepal's sporting prowess? It is hard to answer those questions at this moment, but a famous Nepali golfer would certainly help put Nepal on the map for the right reasons - so that's a good thing.

Edit (April 9) - Just watched a 30 minute feature on Nepali golf on TenSports. It was a great promotion for golf in Nepal and the country as a whole.