07 April 2009

Nepal Army versus People's Army

I really have not reached an opinion on the whole PLA participation in the National Games. Here is an article about the whole controversy. Perhaps it begs the question what is the criteria for participation? Why are the departmental teams (Army, Police and APF) participating in the National Games and not other clubs? Why are athletes playing for their region, instead of their Ethnic clan, School, Local Gym/Club, District...?

Nonetheless all this should have been sorted out weeks ago. Did the PLA request to participate come too late or did NSC and the Ministry of Youth and Sports drag their feet on the issue? I personally do not have the facts.

Edit: Here is The Himalayan Times thoughts on the issue.


  1. Let me make things clear.
    How can they register as a team overnight? If I am a player and I want to play at National Games, I have to be selected from my district first and need to go Region. And because of currupt mind of our sports people its very tough for me to get selected (specially in martialarts). So that's me, and here is Mr Prachanda, who writes a crappy letter and NSC agrees to field those players who come there without any selection process. And regarding army,police and APF's participation, its Nepalese context and I support because at least they are giving jobs and security to those athletes. Once our clubs can do that, we have to think.

  2. Just to play Devil's Advocate:

    PLA would argue that they are providing facilities to their athletes.

    The fact is Army is not withdrawing for sporting reasons, but political ones.

  3. By letting PLA athletes participate in the National Games, National Sports Council has made a mockerey of themeselves. All NSC officials should resign and let PM Prachanda run the show.
    It is a clear case of political intervention on part of the revolutionary Prachanda which is very unfortunate.I feel very sorry for athletes.