05 April 2009

Example of shoddy journalism

The following are two brief stories about the arrest of Nepal Basketball Association President Lama Tendi Sherpa a few days back. Notice how poor the Kathmandu Post version is compared to the Himalayan Times one. Both articles fail to elaborate who the "government authorities" were - Police, Army, Tax Office, CIAA?

Himalayan Times:
NeBA put hold events
KATHMANDU: Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) on Monday put hold all the remaining regional selection tournaments for the upcoming fifth National Games. The NeBA protest came following the arrest of its president Lama Tendi Sherpa on March 2 from Tri-Chandra Campus premises. “We condemn the arrest of our president and demand his immediate release,” said NeBA General Secretary Mahendra Man Shakya at a press meet. Shakya said that Sherpa was arrested without issuing a warrant and that all basketball activities will be put on hold until the president is released.

Kathmandu Post:
NeBA in protest
KATHMANDU: The Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) on Monday decided to halt all basketball activities around the country, including the regional basketball tournaments, in protest against the unlawful arrest of NeBA President Lama Tendi Sherpa, said NeBA at a press conference on Monday. NeBA has alleged government authorities of taking Sherpa into custody without an arrest warrant.


  1. That's how reporting works most of the time in Nepal, especially when it comes to sports,be it first hand account reporting or investigative reporting or other forms of reporting,there is a tendency to deviate from the fundamentals of journalism on part of our repprters at the cost of readers. Also editors are culpable who inentionally/unintentionally turn a blind eye,giving a free pass to reporters.Rarely are reporters reminded to get down to the nitty-gritty of journalism for quality and productive reports/reporting. They hardly have time to conduct post mortems on their work and apprise them about things amiss in their reporting. Instead they are more than happy long as reporters fill up the pages of the newspaper.

  2. As a reader it is very frustrating. Maybe NSJF needs to also discuss these topics during their meetings.