11 April 2009

Cricket on Everest

So they will be playing Twenty20 cricket at the top of the world after all. But it's not IPL, just a few goofballs wanting to play cricket on Mt. Everest. Hope they carry enough oxygen with them.

Here are some promotional pictures from WireImages.

Update (13 April): Sagarmatha National Park does not want cricket to be played on Everest.

Update (14 April): The record breaking match now looks to be back on.


  1. What ever these thrill seekers are pursuing, good for them. This is being done for fame and to capture the attention of the world. Nevertheless,it requires extraordinary determination and courage for anyone to become part of the dare devil type project.Best wishes to all those involved and hopefully they come out with flying colours.
    Already the subject has been the talk of the media world. Mt Everest has become a favourite spot, especially for adventure seekers around the world since the days of Tenzing and Hillary.
    Twenty cricket on Everest works as a perfect and effective advertising gimmick for Nepal at a time when tourism sector is on a slump.

  2. I think they are going for the Guiness Book of World Record for a cricket game to be played at the highest altitude.