13 April 2009

5th National Games wrap

Following the 5th National Games the last few days was very enjoyable. It was a great opportunity to survey the Nepali sports landscape and learn the stories of the many unheralded athletes. The National Games provided a tremendous platform for both organizers and performers to sharpen their skills and show their game. For the most part they delivered - from the well received opening and closing ceremonies to the multiple national records that were broken.

Certainly, holding the National Games regularly will be a great boon for Nepali sports. The next Games are scheduled for 2011, though it would be wonderful to see the event be an annual affair.


  1. Reading most newspaper editorials - they disagree with my sentiments. They feel PLA controversy and lack of spectators made the National Games unsuccessful.

  2. I would say its just not because of PLA controversy, NSC as organizer completing just their formalities, anyhow event to finish. But opening ceremony was fantastic.

  3. But what about the even itself - isn't nice to hear the stories of the various athletes and finally see some sports action (especially for the lesser sports)? I am sure the feats of many of the athletes - like Karisma Karki will encourage others to pick-up sports. Seeing that this event was not held for nearly 11 years, NSC completing "just their formalities" is quite an accomplishment.

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