20 February 2010

World Cricket League

I was all set to post a piece I had written about the Winter Olympics but changed my mind at the last minute. This morning I got a case of cricket fever.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the running score of Nepal's match against Jersey in the World Cricket League on a Nepal1, the only Nepali TV channel available here in Hyderabad. Immediately, I went searching for Internet links to the game and found that the ICC has a great section dedicated to the tournament with lots of features, photos and videos from Kathmandu. There are also a few prominent Nepali cricket blogs where one can follow the tournament. The Cricket Association of Nepal website is hopeless - I don't think they update it anymore.

The tale of the websites (and Nepal1 TV) reflects the story of Nepali cricket - great interest, great potential, but an underwhelming Association - an opinion that is shared by a few friends I have that are very close to Nepali cricket including some National Team players.

But I remain very positive about Nepali cricket. Unlike Nepali football, those associated with cricket in Nepal have a slightly higher IQ and are capable of moving the sport forward. The technical nature of the game makes it possible to quickly be competitive. Our greatest asset is our geography – cricket’s super power and cash cow is right next door to us and we have the strongest cultural, social and economic ties to them of any country in the world.


  1. It is very nice to see any cricket blog in your blog... thanks,
    It was a very good win against Jersey who was known as strong opposition, start with win is always great, and another important thing from this win is we chased the total which was our evergreen weakness...
    afterall it is a great win... congratulation boys... keep in up... we are always behind u