27 February 2010

Finally playing again

This week was the first time in a long time that I have been able to enjoy Nepali sports. The last few years following domestic sports was just not fun. Everything sports related was either dogged by incompetence, scandal or politics. All that has not suddenly disappeared, but with the start of the Martyrs League football tournament after a 3 year hiatus and Nepal hosting an ICC level tournament for the first time - the Nepali sports scene does seem to be coming out of hibernation.

Yes, the quality of both the Martyrs League and World Cricket League is very poor compared to what we can find on ESPN and StarSports, but the games can be just as exciting. The beauty of sport is that when you have two evenly matched teams, no matter what their level, usually it is an exciting affair. Add some rooting interest - the Nepal National Cricket Team and Machhindra FC in my case - and suddenly the adrenaline goes up several notches.

For the said reason, in general I find it unnecessary to harp on results too much. You win some, you lose some and sometimes you lose a ton. We do not need the Martyrs League to be the Premier League or for our Cricket Team to rival India immediately. What we do have the right to expect are regular competitions and our officials and sportsmen giving it their all. That has been the major issue with Nepali sports recently - instead of playing we are fighting, stealing and making excuses.

Thankfully, at least for one week, we are playing - and its been a lot of fun. Nepal won the WCL 5th division in front of record crowds and league football is back with my Red Lions roaring. May the trends long continue. (Photo with permission from ICC Official Website)