10 February 2010

South Asian Games wrap

Quick thoughts on the South Asian Games:
  • By claiming 8 golds Nepal did pretty much as expected. No better, no worse
  • Nepal can no longer claim itself as a regional martial arts power - all the big boys won as many medals as us in the martial arts disciplines
  • Other than womens football no sport made a breakthrough which was very disappointing and leaves us with little to be optimistic about for the future
  • Mens football = MAHA FAIL! Ganesh Thapa and company really need to reevaluate ANFA's development strategy. Please stop blaming referees and the lack of a short, 3 month long, league.
  • Our officials continue to show their amateurish nature: fighting each other, fighting referees and failing to do their basic administrative duties
  • Nepali media coverage was quite good. The journalists seemed to be on top of all the news.
  • Was very disappointed that there was no real-time results website for the SAG
  • Nepal has a long way to go in becoming an ICC ODI nation
  • I am very curious to see how Bangladesh does in the next SAG. Their gold medal tally was surprisingly high. Was it simply a case of "home" cooking
  • How amateur were the organizers? Marathon circuit 5km short, upside down Nepali flag, wrong national anthem, etc.
  • I know its politically impossible, especially these days, but NSC should really just concentrate on a few core sports and stop funding sports like hockey where we are beyond hopeless
  • With India sending second class athletes and still dominating the SAG, the organizers need to reevaluate the competition format. Perhaps it should be an under-23 tournament for all sports
What are your thoughts on the Games?


  1. totally agree to the first point...
    well yes not the powerhouse anymore but still a threat to all other nations! Therefore, the government sure needs to emphasize martial arts now!!...its not that we've weakened its that others've done better!!the national players should at least get roof over their head and mat under their foot when they train,
    The media was really on the move! but the official website was lousy! was updated once a day or even late...and well monkey see monkey do...Bangladesh learned from Nepal, back in 99 we had events and categories in which we were the best, they did the same if not even better!!..Nepal claimed 14 golds out of 16 categories in 8th saf(karate)...but here Organizers had only 7 categories and were very strong at all seven of them...
    As a sportsman I believe with every loss i learn...with every big loss i learn even big, if there is no powerhouse to aim beating,why should we concentrate so much on saf games?..instead of lowering the standards i guess we should increase the cooperation with Indian Olympic committee and start joint training camps,instead of spending millions on a weekly camp to Bangkok,Malaysia or Singapore we should opt for monthly,bi or even tri monthly training camps in India!

  2. I like your last point. We are too quick to dismiss India. We should definitely develop sporting relations with them.

  3. That's a great Analysis. Just a request, Lets make sure that the Women's team get rewarded generously. They are the true heroes.
    Thanks .

  4. ya' i picked the ladies football is best part of nepalese sports in SAG. They showed great character where they almost beat india in the final... crazy refree and indian spoiled our great success...
    I still dont understand why N how any team penalised if offside flag is already raised and other is if game stopped for more than 15 minutes then how it be only 5 additional minutes...

  5. Ladies football was BEST performance in Nepal. Mens Basketball showed great potential.

    All we need is the visionary good sports administrators in Nepal


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