15 February 2010

One year of Rangasala Blog

It's been one year since my first blog entry. I can't believe I have written over 176 blog posts since then. Is there anything left to write about? I think in the second year I will take it a little easy. Maybe write one blog post a week - giving readers some time to digest the material ;-)

If you are really starved for more commentary, be sure to also follow Rangasala Blog on Facebook or Twitter where I post additional news, views and links.

Thank you all for your support (and criticisms). I'm having a lot of fun with this and I hope somehow the blog is making a positive contribution to Nepali sports.


  1. Thanks for updating regularly...
    It is a forum to discuss things out when interest meets each other. It would be much more meaningful if blog comes with more details, stats. But it is easy to keep site alive and keep it updating which i always appreciate.
    thanks for doing this and hope much more news analysis and events on your blog...

  2. its a really good thing that is going on here ... this should go forward much more ..

  3. Congratulations! You are doing a good job writing commentry on nepali sports. I hope to read more in coming years!

  4. Great work Biplav dai. i pray,u go on to write million of blogs.

  5. Definitely your blog RANGASALA is helping in someway.

    Dont change the format. I always believe more to teh negative side of the Nepali sports should be exposed.


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