01 February 2010

South Asian Games disaster

Only three days in and there is so much to write about the 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka. Everything seems to be going wrong for Nepal - from crashing elevators to squabbling officials; from players attacking referees to upside down Nepali flag. Oh...and our performances have been absolutely abysmal!

I'll be sure to put together a nice long article after this fiasco is over. See you guys in a few days. In the mean time here are a few links to stay on top of the games:


  1. There is nothing to be proud of as yet. This shows sorry state of sports in general in country. Result in sports actually reflects the current status of the country.
    So far highlights of the event is all for wrong reasons. Determination of 35 year old Debu Thapa is the only reason to be proud of so far.
    When are we going to win any tournament in football? Every other tournament comes, media keeps team as hope of being the champion or gold medal prospect which sets hope of fans like us in much more upper level than what is really realistic. We are playing among one of the weakest football powers in the world still we can not give result. This means we are not good; its hard to digest but its truth. We need some change; positive change.
    Govt should think that good investment in sport sector will lower the cost of building some expensive hospital coz we will have more healthy people. I would like to see more sports center rather than hospitals:).

  2. Yes, Debu Thapa's result was very inspiring.

    I am not sure if Government funding is the missing ingredient. Sports officials are so incompetent, I doubt more funding will change the results. Look at how much money there is in Nepali football and results continue to be pathetic.

  3. Yeah, I agree to the point that Sports Officials are incompetent. They lack optimisstic and positive approach for positive result. We can never get good results until we have pessimistic approach in our mind.
    And its high time that we have some good result from football with the amount of money being spent on the same.

  4. All we need is qualified sports Administrators in NSC, NOC and other National Sports Associations

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