14 February 2010

The "M" word

In my last trip to Nepal I noticed how afraid sports persons were to use the "M" word - money. They would talk at length about various sports ideas they had, but never would you hear words such as profit, income, salary and business.

It's like profiting from sport in anyway is a deadly sin in Nepal, which is quite ironic as that's what most of our sports officials are doing under the table. Perhaps if we were more open about making a good living through sports we would witness less of the shenanigans we currently see in the sports sector. I have heard stories as low as one sports official watering down orange juice for youth players so he could save a few rupees for himself.

Stealing and corruption is wrong, but being entrepreneurial or getting paid for handwork is right and should be promoted. If officials are doing a great job, they deserve a salary. If a sportsman has a business idea related to sport they should receive our encouragement. A thriving sports economy visa-vi player agents, sports marketing agencies, sports academies, etc. will only enhance Nepali sports. It will bring increased professionalism to the sports sector and create a much needed job market for those in the sports sector. Making money through sports is a good thing.