02 December 2009

Sports tourism

Nepali institutions are really starting to grasp the concept of sports tourism and how the two genres can work together. Recently, the Nepal Amateur Athletics Association were awarded the Asian Cross-Country Championships. It is scheduled for 2011 and will coincide with Nepal Tourism Year.

The International Elephant Polo Championship will be held at Bardia National Park for the first time. Promoters hope the move will help develop tourism in the area.

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  1. Sports Tourism is my favorite topic. Money matters and its definately a huge money-spinning business. Potential wise, we have lots that's for sure but how we are optimizing the chances of reaching those potential is really bleak (Ex. JR Shreshtha being the president of Ski Association).

    Mountain Biking (few have heard this Yak Attack, which can be in a world famous circuit if we advertise it properly), Kayaking, Rafting, Canoeing, Bunjee Jumping, Para Gliding and many more have huge huge potential in Nepal. But short sighted vision of our tourism or so-called sports tourism enterprenures who, at thier first attempt try to milk as much as possible from the tourists, keep potential 'word of mouth' tourists at bay.

    The other brand we have in sports tourism is Everest Marathon. Its unique and for the thousands of STUPID marathon lovers it can be very alluring to run a marathon at the Everest, a feat you really want to achieve. Yes to attract thousand we have logistical problem but there are ways to fight it out.

    The other one, given the proper behaviour of 'hooliganistic or dynocian' Nepali spactators, is hosting the international cricket, its easy, its money-making and its good for the image of the country. We can tap in the ongoing political problem of India and Pakistan by being the neutral hosts. Even not only for them but for other countries as well we can host a four-nation or eight-nation cricket tourament with T-20 being so popular these days. Kirtipur Stadium suits T-20 cricket. Lots of international attention (in cricketing world) will be there in Nepal so for long run, it can be a milesotne achieved. The criket authorities of India and Pakistan may keep their eye on Nepal as the neutral venue for the bilateral series. Last, but not least, Kathmandu is the best weather to play a short version of cricket as you can play it from October to June in a plesant weather (even teams from New Zealand and England will entertain the cricketing weather of Kathmandu, I am not saying Nepal. For them playing in Sarjah and some part of India and Pakistan is not fair enough due the humidity and tempreture). It may seems like an ambitious Ashop's tale but this is my personal idea and I would like to discuss this - Lemon Break