02 December 2009

Five reasons to be optimistic about Nepali football

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in Nepali football in the past few years. Here are a few reasons why we should be positive about the future of Nepali football:

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  1. Good article, I would like to add some more.
    a)Sahara Club and MYA: I dont know whether you have heard of not, you forgot to put Morang Football Project in the list.
    b) Player playing overseas: I would include herds of Nepali footballers from the east who participate at different tournaments and leagues of West Bangol and occassionally Sikkim. They have good monitary incentives to play over there. I know some whose bread and butter are those tournaments and league. All the average players can not be Anil and Jumanu so competing in these kinds of tournament is also very important.
    c)Football Media: Not only the internet, the newspapers, radio and tv are also brilliant in terms of football coverage in Nepal. I know, its a huge source of inspiration for players and officials if not ANFA.
    d) No commnet
    e) Cultural Change and corporate support: The interest is huge from corporate since we dont have other main sports like that of circket in the South Asia (Specially in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, all the sponsors want to invest money on cricket). Managed properly, it can only increase.

    In general agree with the points u raised - Lemon Break

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