22 December 2009

Domestic: Rakesh hits 50, B-Boying, womens football, Army vs. PLA again, Biratnagar Stadium, Anil Gurung gives back

Tons of interesting Domestic stories last week:
  • Ajay Phuyal of Republica does a great job researching that Rakesh Shrestha indeed did get his 50th international cap as FIFA counted Nepal's friendly against Bhutan as an "A" international.

  • B-Boying in Nepal. Looks cool, but is it a sport?

  • More womens football in Nepalgunj. Many compliments go out to Mr. Bhoj Raj Shah who has been pushing womens football the last few years.

  • Nepal Army continues to cry over PLA participation in domestic sporting events. Get over it soldiers!

  • Players and Maoists take a stand in Biratnagar over the use (misuse) of the local stadium. Good for them! Morang Football Project training had to be moved from Biratnagar Stadium because of all the disruptions there, so I am very sympathetic to this cause.

  • White House College, HISSAN - Morang and Anil Gurung all helping develop sports. Really love what I am seeing. Everyone needs to do their part.