06 December 2009

Defeat the lightweights first

Nepal flopped at the recent ACC Twenty20 Cup, failing to advance past the group stages in a tournament where they were one of the favorites.

It is always tough to predict "Associate level" cricket as a majority of the teams are packed with players of Indian and Pakistani origin. In some cases, players are recruited directly from the subcontinent, therefore it is hard to judge how strong a side will be.

Nepal's team however consists fully of home grown players, thus often one hears grumblings that the cards are always stacked against us. For me it's a non-issue. If you want to play top class cricket against the likes of India and Pakistan, you better be able to defeat sides comprising of "C" grade Indian and Pakistani players.


  1. Out of context and to share with the readers. Its hilarious that our media is writing Indian U-23 side and even the preview in goalnepal they write, Nepal has defeated Indian senior national side once in SAF Games. What about AFC Challenge Cup in 2006 (?) in Dhaka, we defeated them 3-0. You can not attribute a senior national side competition based on the what team the other team sent, its senior official match. I am pissed off. Since Rakesh is not playing we also can say Nepal U-24 or U-25. And our journos are time and again repeating that its Indian U-23 side.
    Whoever say whatever, it is senior competition and we should not remind ourselves all the time that India has sent a U-23. - Lemon Break

  2. I see your point. Maybe they should not keep repeating "India U23 side" but certainly they have a responsibility to inform readers that it is an under strength Indian side.