13 December 2009

SAFF Cup failure

What is disheartening about Nepal’s football struggles is that it has been continuous for over 15 years! Other than once reaching the finals when hosting the 8th South Asian Games, Nepal has not had a single memorable run at the senior level in this time period.

You can try to find all the excuses in the world on why our football team stinks, but the reason is very straightforward. Our football system is total “jharatarni”. Instead of implementing a sound football development plan we continue to resort to shortcuts and gimmicks.

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  1. wonderful article mr. biplav... I know you are the one.... but I dont think that your article is enough to develop our football change our football, I appreciate your feeling towards our football. I know you have qualification, you have understanding and full of love to our football... I want to follow you Biplav....

    First of all see our ANFA.... and its members and officials... see our coaches, referees and club officials as well as sports journalists...
    most of them are ANFA bhankta......... I mean Ganesh Thapa ko puchaar.... I am not against ANFA and Ganesh Thapa but I always protest the way they were working for football... most of the journalist cant write against AANFA and Ganesh because they believes that he is the only one person who can do anything... I mean specially for abroad tour.... I dont know Biplov whether you will publish my comment or not.... because Goalnepal.com use to censor my comments. I sometime feel that Bikram Thapa is also a pocket dog of ANFA.... there is no reason to not publish my comment.. I am not writing without any reason..... If he is a true journalist or loves nepali football then he should publish my comment...... Mr. Biplov I cant say that I am 100% right all the time, but I am also great fan of Nepalese football and believe me I will be always with your side.... Thank you Biplov..

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. Comments posted on this blog are never censored unless it is SPAM. Everyone has a right to their opinion, whether they agree or disagree with me.

    As for Nepali football, I think we all need to do our part. ANFA has many issues, but our football clubs, players, referees, coaches and fans need to also step-up and be accounted for.

  3. Excellent!!! Totally agreed. The most telling is the roatation of coaches which is funny. - Lemon Break.

  4. I had written a long comment in GoalNepal.com but it was not published there. I do not see anything to be censored there. I was just writing the true football fan's inner feelings. I do care a lot about Nepali Sports specially football.
    I have rated the missing ANFA Logo or National Flag as heights of negligence, it shows how much well prepared was ANFA regarding this tourney.
    And I am against spending so much of effort and time along with crores of rupees in organizing U-16/U-19 selection matches; instead it could have been best used in academies, players benefit, diet, frienly matches. I think we gained nothing from these tournaments.
    We need some people in ANFA who have long term vision; which it completely lacks now. They are planning on short term goals. When will they think what will be they doing after 1 or 2 or 5 years down the line. ANFA should set up a board of advisors with persons like Biplav.
    We won't be setting up professional league unless we have professional attitude in members of ANFA. I am not against anyone there in ANFA but they need to be taught. I think they do not know basics of management and leadership.
    Having foreigner as coach just one month before any tourney is not going to help; we need long term plan. No coach in the world can give results in one or two months. And result is important in any sports. Football can be cruel sometime but not all the time.
    I do not see any reason not to post these comments in GoalNepal.com. I am true Nepali football fan and dying to hear some good news about Nepali Sports in general.

  5. Prakash thanks for your comments. Reading your opinion, perhaps you are the one to be on the ANFA advisory board. I agree about not needing to host the U16/19 tournaments. I think ANFA expected a hosting allowance from AFC, but AFC recently changed their policy on allowances.

    I believe GoalNepal.com's editors are busy with other work, so have not had time to update the comments. Also sometimes comments do not go through on the website, as Bikram Thapa has told me several times he never received comments I have written.