30 September 2009

Politicizing of NSC

The NSC Board was selected last week along political lines. I find the news quite troubling for the future of Nepali sports as it will see a lack of continuity at the NSC and in the country's sports policy when there is a change in government. It also means that many officials at the NSC might be more politically motivated than sports motivated. The worst part is that players, coaches and administrators could be hired and fired along party lines, which inevitably would see unending posturing between political cadres at every opportunity.

One of the beauties of sports is that generally it is meritocratic. No matter your family background, economic status, education level or physical appearance - if you can kick a ball or are good at teaching someone how to kick a ball, there will be a club looking for your services. The politicizing of sports will undoubtedly destabilize that dynamic and turn sports into yet another battlefield for our political parties to destroy.