19 September 2009

Karate kids in limbo

Our Karatekas are being forced to jump through hoops to attend the 9th AKF Championships in Guangzhou, China. The Nepal contingent are being asked by the Nepal Karatedo Federation to pay their own way once at the event. Also one of the Karatekas was denied a visa because she is Buddhist!


  1. I feel terribly sad for the hard working athletes who continue to be let down by the irresponsible and incompetent officials.

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  3. I disagree to the part where you claim that the visa of Ms. sreejana tamang was denied because she was a Buddhist! first of all...Nepalese team applied fo the visa a day before the tournament starts...whereas the AKF news bulletin clearly states that the applications should've reached the CKF(organizers) by aug.15...in my view its an act of gratitute that the Nepalese team was even let to participate there!!
    2nd. Nepalese players do not have a good reputation internationally as a great example...the hotel where the Nepalese team stayed fined the referees who left for Nepal at last(players n officials shared rooms) fo missing ash trays,laundry bags,towels,condoms etc!!
    3rd. missing players...for sreejana it wud've been her first international experience..which mite've created a doubt(other members in the nepalese team were internationally xperienced)...
    4th. shreejana tamang won a gold medal in 5th national games @ under 40kg category...buh the AKF has the lowest weight category of under 48kgs for women(minumun 40-max 47.9...which she barely meets or may b doesn even meet!!

  4. Thank you for the detailed information. I wish our Nepali journalists would have explained it so clearly. I however still reserve my judgment on the entire issue.

  5. yes! even I wish so!!
    p.s.keep up the good work!!I'm kinda addicted to this blog lol!!
    even i was supposed to be up there in that team but after how those so called higher level officials treated us(players) @ bangkok in the 1st asian Martial Arts game...I doubt if I'd ever wish to be a part of the team again!