20 September 2009

Athletics meet sees records fall

The first phase of SAF Games qualifiers in athletics was held last week. It was an exciting two days of competition in which several national records were broken in the 400 Meters and High Jump. I really wish I had the chance to attend the event.

The Nepal Amateur Athletics Association would be wise start focusing on middle and long distance athletics events. Our geography and physique are perfectly suited to dominate those events. If Morocco, Kenya and Ethiopia can do it, why not us?


  1. Given our athletics prowess and strength, coupled with accomplishments, long distance events should be our top most priority. But it has never been this way.Gone are the days when we had a host of excellent long distance runners and we were a force to reckon with in South Asia. The living legend Baikuntha Manandhar is one great example. Today we are a struggling lot in marathon because of negligence, improper training and poor management. Much of the blame goes to Nepal Amateur Athletics Association.

    1. you are 100% right only middle and long Distance runner could repeat the history,Let me do some thing here

  2. Beyond NAAA, what stops clubs or the private sector from developing a program?