15 September 2009

Time to come back home Anil

So accusations are flying that ANFA did not do enough to help Anil Gurung extend his stay with 6th division English club Woking FC. Honestly, does it really matter? My national pride is certainly not wounded at the prospects of Anil coming back home instead of being an anonymous footballer in London. Actually, it will be good for Nepali football for him to play in a more relevant league in South Asia - hopefully in India if things workout.

Remember Nirajan Rayamajhi? He wasted his prime football years playing for a dinky amateur club in Germany and abandoned a chance to write his name as one of the best Nepali footballers of all time alongside the likes of Ganesh Thapa, Mani Shah and Hari Khadka.


  1. If reports are true ANFA deserve condemnation. The pro Ganesh Thapa media needs to invesigate and divulge the facts. We cannot allow ANFA ruin players career for its interest as they have been over the years. Players should be left to choose where to play provided they are satisfied professionaly. Considering the unpredictability and uncertainity of Nepali football any move they make for the good can be productive. I disagree that playing for a little unknown club is irrelevant.In fact they are much better off playing else where than in Nepal Not forgetting that they are always eligible and available for national duty. Now that we have the same bunch of ANFA officials for the next four years I do not expect much to change for players and football.

  2. There are too many questions with this story. Under what circumstances would Woking FC need a "No Objection" letter, opposed to an ITC? If Woking FC needs an ITC then the England FA need to send a request to ANFA. Sounds like sour grapes from the Sahara clan.

  3. anil gurung is just wasting time in uk. its wrong thinking only.For his best he have to be in nepal and play football. he can be the best footballer of the asia !!!!