27 September 2009

Hat-trick of depressing articles

Slow sports week because of the religious festivities. Here are a few stories from this week which were great reads albeit kind of depressing:

Rohit Rai writes about the poor health of Nepal's first golf course.

The toils of some Nepali boxers are uncovered by Raju Adhikari.

Ayush Khadka exposes why we see less kites in our skies these days.


  1. The three stories were well penned and presented. By and large,I personally enjoyed going through the write-ups. I am extremely happy for these upcoming sports writers. Hopefully these young turks would come up with more such interesting and investigative features in the days to come . The matter of fact is that there is not much to write when it comes to hard news in the context of Nepali sports.

  2. agreed Sushil jee. The quality of articles is really improving. I've really enjoyed going through them.