04 October 2009

Rio will save Nepal some blushes

Seven years is a very long time, but the current trajectory of Nepali sports suggests that we will not be any further along than we currently are in our sporting prowess and administration. Therefore, the selection of Rio de Janeiro as the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games is great news for Nepal - as it is the only one out of the four candidate cities (Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid were the others) where our athletes will probably not be tempted to runaway and seek employment at a local gas station.


  1. When I read this article just heading I cant figure out why Rio will save Nepal .......
    but its true .... one thing Nepalese athletes and the officials will have great experience of famous Samba dance......

  2. I don't quite agree with you. Yes, the action athletes take to disappear in a foreign land is not right. We all know this is done out of sheer frustration, desperation and financial insecurity.Long as we have a broken system and an uncaring government athletes woes will continue to multiply. The government is accountable for their plight and failing to create a healthy environment where they can survive and thrive.