24 November 2009

Around the sports world

Biggest ever match-fixing racket busted by European authorities. Many may remember that ANFA did not even penalize a single person when Machhindra and RCT played a 9-8 football match which was undoubtedly fixed.

A nice article on how athletes can promote themselves using the Internet and social media. Anil Gurung and Deepak Bista are doing it through their websites and a few others like Rakesh Shrestha by way of Facebook.

Australian report says Australia is too focused on winning medals and thus participation rates in sports are dropping in the country. I absolutely agree that getting people to participate in sports comes first and then only should we focus on winning medals.

The formula for being a top athlete - 40-30-30. 40% training, 30% mental, 30% risk taking. Are Nepali athletes lacking the mental bit?