25 December 2017

Everest climbing feature in NYT

Though we are at the tail end of 2017, I came across possibly my favorite article of the year just this week. It was a terrific feature by the New York Times, with some incredible multimedia, on the attempt to recover the bodies of Indian climbers that had perished on Mt. Everest a little more than a year ago.

Pokhara, Nepal, Museum
International Mountain Museum
I actually went on a bit of a Himalayan/Everest/mountaineering splurge after reading the article, including watching several great videos on YouTube on the subjects and listening to the Into Thin Air audio-book, the gripping personal account of the 1996 Everest disaster written by Jon Krakauer. Obviously, Nepal's connection to these topics make it that the more intriguing and salient.

Just a few weeks ago, as a relative novice on all things "mountain", I had visited the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara - a fairly impressive exhibition that sits on a 5 hector compound. With my new insights the next visit there should be even more enriching.

17 December 2017

Aviation Museum Nepal

I know from experience that just donating footballs to kids can be such a challenge in Nepal. There are so many things one needs to deal with including customs clearance, political interests and social pressures. Imagine purchasing and transporting an airplane and then building an aviation museum. Lots of respect to Mr. Bed Upreti for doing just that, not only once, but twice!