29 January 2010

Prize money

Lots of cash rewards are on offer to Nepali athletes that bring home a medal from the 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The amounts range from a few thousand to several lakhs Rupees depending on the sport and the color of the medal.

Would Nepal win more gold medals at the South Asian Games if athletes were offered a million dollars for each gold medal? Similarly, if not a single rupee was on the table to the sportsmen, would they simply give-up? The answer to both questions is no. The lure of prize money does not change an athletes performance - strong coaching, good facilities, regular competitions and peace of mind do.


  1. Well Biplav Dai , i am a huge fan of all your writings. And i go through most of them.I strongly agree to the fact that Strong coaching, good facilities, regular competition and peace of mind are all an important aspects for a good show up. But in a country like ours where players don't earn enough to even survive ,don't you think Monetary fringes would motivate players to do well?
    and there is no question of giving up when there is no money on the table , because our athletes have been participating and winning medals just for the love of the game and the fans. They have always been highly promised and under delivered.
    So i think yes, a million dollar to each player would definitely yield us more medals.

  2. Certainly if the prize money is known well in advanced it might temp athletes to work harder or stay with a sport instead of seeking new pastures, but what I meant was promising cash incentives right before a tournament. Is the performance going to really be any better?

  3. True , I am sorry i think i got you wrong. Well yeah , promise the players cash incentives well before time and see the improvement.
    THANKS For Replying.