18 January 2010

Foreign training

Nepali athletes are racking-up frequent flyer miles as they are being dispatched across Asia to further their training for the South Asian Games. Sending athletes for foreign training is virtually a minimum requirement for sports associations these days. Even low profile sports that have no shot at a medal are mustering the resources (usually through grants from the National Sports Council) to send their sportsmen abroad.

The priorities of some of these sports associations are questionable. Many of them fail to organize regular competitions and events domestically, but are insistent that their athletes must have access to international training. Would not the money made available for foreign excursions be much better spent if it was used to develop their sport domestically first?

Ironically, getting NSC to release money for domestic purposes might be a lot tougher than receiving one big fat check to send a few athletes abroad, but that is where sports officials need to wheel and deal to earn their stripes.

The international exposure from foreign tours certainly has many short and long term benefits – there is no denying that. By going abroad athletes have access to better training facilities, the opportunity to learn modern/different techniques, and the experience of travelling and facing foreign competition. But you have to learn to walk before you can run and many sports associations in Nepal need to do a lot more at home before venturing abroad.


  1. Yes. I agree with the point you raised. But at least Basketball players are having good outing in Thailand with loads of training matches against the Thai league teams.

    The case is different with Nepal Basketball Association. It have been organizing regular tournament in different levels and it have been able to find media partners and alos sponsors for their different level of events.

    The draw for SAG Basketball is out. It seems that Nepal Basketball is surely get bronze in their first SAG. Nepal is in Group B with Maldives and Bangladesh; in which Nepal expects to beat both.

  2. Look at the draw of other team sports..

    Cricket : Nepal is drawn in Group B along with India, Pakistan and Afganisthan (Surely out of the league round)

    Football: Nepal along with Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan in Group A(NOT sure wheather Nepal will make to Semifinal)

    Basketball: Nepal along with Bangladesh and Maldives (Sure Semifinal spot...and bronze medal)

    THAT"S why Nepal should focus on Basketball in team sports...

  3. Don't agree with your second argument. Winning a bronze medal in a three person race is not rewarding. I think the public wants to see good performances over medals being basically given to us.

    I think in the last SAF Games Nepal football team won a bronze medal despite losing as many games as it won. I dont feel anyone was impressed with the medal.

    I keep arguing that basketball has great potential domestically in Nepal. It's the job of NeBA officials to get sponsors and NSC excited about the sport. I would like to see a proper 2-3 month domestic league and a consistently branded school and college championship. Right now the school tournaments are kind of an alphabet soup. There needs to be one Nepal School Basketball Championship and Nepal College Basketball Championship annually, which everyone identifies as the top tournament for schools and colleges.

  4. I also don't agree with your point here. It is not 3 but 7 teams are participating in SAG Basketball and winning bronze in Basketball is the target. If Nepal can win their group (beating Bangladesha nd Maldives) they will top group B and most probably face Afganistan in Semis. In this case Nepal have chance to enter final.

    If Nepal becomes runners up in Broup B it will face Group A winner India in semis and that means Nepal will face bangladesh for the 3 place.

    Your point is right that Nepal should have strong basketball league. And NeBA is working in it. NeBA is planing for the Basketball league of 6 teams and it will happen soon as said by NeBA.

    Every year NeBA organizes Inter School (U16)National Basketball Championship. Last year 120 schools participate in the championship and a school from Dharan won the championship.

    NeBA also oraganizes Inter College National (U19) championship. This is the third year. 3rd Inter College U19 Basketball will start from Feb 13, 2010 and NeBA is expecting 50 teams in the championship. Apart from that NeBA organizes National basketball Championship every year. And from this year NeBA is organizing 3on3 Basketball.

  5. I am a massive basketball fan (I follow American College basketball religiously), so the stronger Nepali basketball get the happier I will be.

  6. going abroad for acquiring better training is a good idea.exposure to more advanced training methods will surely enhance the performance of the atheletes.
    but the contrary in nepal's case is such program are initiated only at the last hour as if short training periods is going to bear results.
    as said by the columnist we never emphasis on developin the resources in our own country.for how long will we beg for other countries to provide training for our atheletes.when will we learn that we need to modernise the infrastructure of the sports facilities in our own place in order to produce good athletes.
    at last we knew that many athletes went abroad for training for the sag games but now the game is over so is the training even in nepal.for special training to resume there needs to be another top level tournament.