11 January 2010

Cricket gets a boost of colors

It is nice to see that the six regional sides in the ongoing Boost Under 16 Cricket League are playing in distinct colored uniforms. I made a post a few months back about how dull domestic cricket in Nepal is. Certainly identifiable uniforms is one way of spicing things up. From a marketing stand point it makes sense for each region to continue wearing the same colors across tournaments. It would make them identifiable and potentially help develop fan and player affinity towards the regional sides.

 Photos courtesy of nepalsportsphoto.com


  1. Hi Bip

    Now your blog really work for color jerseys and ball....thanks

  2. Wearing the color uniform don;t make the game galmorous...just look at the quality of cricket Nepal plays now and conpare it to few years back.

    Nepali Crickte is going down.....

  3. uniforms don't make the level of play better, but it certainly adds charm to the matches and creates marketing potential. That is why sports clubs and companies spend millions on branding. IPL is a case in point.

  4. I Agree..but what is point in investing in Cricket and Football in Nepal. Just how much money they needed....it will be a wise decision to invest in other potential sports....what do you say

  5. Nepal gets most of its funding for football and cricket either from international bodies like FIFA/AFC, ICC/ACC or sponsors. The government contributes very little to those two sports. I feel NSC should make a list of priority sports based on Nepal's infrastructure, geography, economic situation, physical attributes of our people, etc. NSC's Vision 2020 tried to do this, but I feel the report was quite shoddy.

    Basketball, table tennis and volleyball are great school sports. While Martial Arts and long distance running is where we can excel internationally. Football and Cricket can take care of themselves through the international support they get.

  6. I again agree with you in the point that ANFA, CAN gets more of funding from international bodies. But Nepal Government also have given them the priority. Like the DASARATH RANGASALA. ANFA uses it like their own properties. Just look at British Gorkha Cup; it is affecting the preparation of some sports like athletic and some martial arts sports.

    Infact NSC dont; give financial help to all the sports. But offcourse Football and Cricket have been given priority in many cases.

    Just look at Basketball they are managing the fund localy to built their own academy in 12 acres of land in Budhanilkantha without international funding and these type of sports should be given priority.

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