26 January 2010

Disregard for best practices

Virtually every self help book will tell you that role-modeling is a shortcut to attaining success. If you want to be a great speaker - watch Bill Clinton. If you want to make money - read Richard Branson's autobiography (actually it's not that great, but you get the idea). Similarly, if you want to develop football in a country wouldn't it make sense to emulate what they are doing in Brazil, England, Germany, Japan and even Maldives?

This is what is so frustrating about Nepali sports and specifically football.  The keys to success are out there for everyone to see, but our administrators are hell bent on unlocking doors using a paper clip.

Take for example the recent British Gurkha Cup, basically Nepal's equivalent to the FA Cup. Virtually every country has an FA Cup which is usually open to only registered football clubs. ANFA, in its infinite wisdom, however, decided to let in rag-tag unregistered regional teams and a Maoist PLA side which has never participated in the Martyrs League before gatecrash the tournament. What ensued were lopsided scorelines that took the luster off of an otherwise pretty decent tournament.

Similarly, Nepali football clubs have decided to allow five foreigners to be signed for the upcoming Martyr's League. As avid readers of Rangasala Blog will know, AFC has encouraged leagues across Asia to adopt 3+1 rule (three foreigners plus an extra Asian foreign player) when it comes to the signing of foreign players. Most leagues across Asia have or are in the process of adopting this rule, but Nepal's football officials don't seem to care.

It is one thing if the rules were being adjusted to address the specific needs of Nepali football, but as we all well know this has nothing to do with finding solutions for Nepal's football peculiarities and everything to do with how completely out of touch with international football many of our football officials are.


  1. noone is unaware of the unsystematic working methods of the anfa(the football governing body of nepal).i just feel it's useless commenting on their work they have been doing for the upliftment of football.if we scrutinize everything then the list goes on.so i dont wanna comment on it anymore.
    in a country where the league which is the base of any football development is irregular we can't expect more of the game..
    talking about the mismanagement at the recently held british gurkha cup the tournament was just a formality.the inclusion of pla team is nothing but the plan of the anfa to please the maoists party as the whole team of anfa will have problems if they defy the demand of the maosts.
    secondly of the signing of foreign players i fully support the columnist as anfa is not and donot oblige to follow the afc directives as it conducts its rules on its own in a dictatorship manner.they are also trying to imply the rule of 4 foreign players in a game which is ridiculous.even in european leagues only 3 foreigners are allowed in the pitch at a time.but in nepal anfa make rules that suits their needs n selfish desires nothingelse.
    the upliftment of football by the current management is a far away cryyyy....

  2. When it comes to the foreigner rules I think it is the club presidents that decided on 5 foreigners (4 on the field) - but as we know most of them are members of ANFA's Executive Committee.

    Agree that its tiring to point-out ANFA's flaws. I think we all just hope some of these thoughts find their way to the ANFA higher-ups.

  3. I agree with both of you.

    What Nepal sports organization need now is the professional to run their secretariate. Nepal don;t have professional sports managers who can run the sports association in their secretariate.

    I was happy when ANFA decided to put CEO. But they take INdra Man. Shit.....how can indra man run ANFA secretariate.

    We need to have more courses / seminars / programs for the Sports Administrators in Nepal. Then only we can see well organized sports events in Nepal.

    ( SORRY for the wrong Spelling...not good in english )

  4. Some of the weirdest happenings in world football takes place in nepal. The rule to field players registered in 2064 in this upcoming league is an example. they say they wont let yogesh and dipen to play in the league but what about anil gurung. he was registered in NRT in 2064. they should bring him back.

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