12 November 2009

Prize money sends wrong message

Virtually every youth tournament these days is offering prize money to student athletes and schools. Perhaps this is the only way tournaments can attract participants, but it certainly sends the wrong message to kids.

When prize money is involved the ideals of sportsmanship, skill development, teamwork and having fun, which should be highly emphasized at youth levels, take a back seat to winning at all costs.

As a result the systematic development of youth players is compromised, there is a peak in match and age fixing, and students learn poor life lessons.

School and youth level sporting events should stop the practice of awarding prize money. A simple handshake after the match and some delicious Long Pie for the bus ride back home is more than adequate.


  1. Fantastic suggestion. Yeah all the Education field Organizations should start this trend in upcoming functions, tournaments etcs....Thanks for valuable Suggestion, BANN Enterprises (P)Ltd as a Sole Distributor for Long Pie, Hipie Choco pies from Vietnam is really appreciated it. Keep it up Mr. Gautam

  2. Fixing - Arsenal and Aston Villa fixed the match - lemon break

  3. Ha Ha - I plead guilty! What should the penalty for this fixing be?

  4. In principle, I agree. Cash is not a good idea for junior football. Long Pie, Hipie Choco pies are really good. And the name Hipie (with Nepal being one of the favorite destinations of Hippies back in 60s and 70s) is wonderful. Hipie pies in Hippi land - Nabin ji must think about this slogan. These chocolates and pies even can sooth our frustated supporters during the international match at Dashrath Stadium. Even if they throw, they will throw pies instead of stone!!! - Lemon Break