17 November 2009

Anil Gurung's official website

Anil Gurung has launched an official website. Great timing by the Shillong Lajong striker, as interest in him is at a peak these days. The website has a creative layout - using a key chain as a navigation menu. Other than that it is fairly basic at the moment, but has most of the information that fans and media would be looking for.


  1. Dont know whose idea is this, but sincerely feel that now its overhyped or overcooked. Let him be that down-to-earth Anil. He is still very young, and with all these media hype we are putting burden on his young shoulder. I am pretty sure that it's not Anil's idea of the official website. Anil, first do all the talkings at the park - Lemon Break

  2. Anil Gurung is one of the most popular searches on Google that bring people to this Blog, so he definitely has the fan base to warrant a site.