27 November 2009

Goalnepal.com's excellent coverage

Full disclosure: I write a monthly article for Goalnepal.com. No matter, I think most of us will agree that Goalnepal.com is a gift to Nepali football fans. Bikram Thapa, the CEO and editor, does a fantastic job putting out story after story on Nepali football from every corner of the country. There are very few English language Asian football sites that provide such good coverage.

Last week Goalnepal.com broke a few interesting stories that were both funny and infuriating at the same time. They included a report on the diet of the Nepali players which consisted of jerri and juice and the news that two first division clubs were stranded in Jhapa because they did not have enough players to participate in a tournament in Sikkim.


  1. Yeah I agree.. GoalNepal.com has very good coverage in Nepali football.

  2. Goalnepal.com is one of the best football websites of asia. The story and scoope it brings to the mass is wonderful. Even if you are far from Nepal, you are in touch with Nepali football and most importantly its players or football families. Good to know that Mr. Bikram Thapa is the CEO of this site. He seems very dynamic.
    Feedback: i) Its seems that goalnepal.com is being run by one-man-army as there are less consistancy (once there was late live commentary and there were no comentary at all during Nepal's match meaning the guy who was supposed to do the commentary had problems with time and there were no reserves to handle those task.)
    ii) Football writing is and must be very informal (I remember BBC using the term Adabayored when a Raina run towards Ngog after the later scored Liverpool's second goal against Manchester United in Anfield few months back). You have the license to coin new words, decorate and be informal as much as you can but sometime goalnepal crosses the limit and uses some dirty words. Plus, there are lots of exsageration (sorry for misspelling) which brings a questionmark on the validity of the news goalnepal carries. Example, I was comparing the commentary of myrepublica and goalnepal, (time-wise the goalnepal commnetary [live] was almost half an hour late and there were lots of energiers were used in goalnepal while republica was simple, lucid and fluent and down-to-earth. I was forced to believe republica than goalnepal because Nepal lost the match 3-0. So these are some suggestions of mine to goalnepal. But you learn if you work and I am sure goalnepal will definately be matured at some stage. Lemon Break