29 October 2009

Chhetry highlights IP issues

If any publicity is good publicity then Soccer In Nepal Blog should buy a few plates of momo for Udipt Singh Chhetry. The last few days, Chhetry, the webmaster of NepalSportsPhoto.com went on a crusade to name and shame the little known Blog for blatantly using his photos - watermarks intact! I venture to guess that traffic to the site must have doubled or tripled since Chhetry brought attention to the Blog.

After a few days of flooding Facebook and the Blog's own comments section with vicious posts against the site, the webmaster of the Blog, who remains anonymous, finally took down all of Chhetry's pictures.

Though the operator of Soccer In Nepal Blog is probably a passionate Nepali football fan who simply was not well versed on IP issues, I applaud Chhetry for his efforts. It is really frustrating when someone takes your work without permission, especially when you calculate all the effort and costs that go into producing the product. Hopefully this incident will serve notice to media outlets in Nepal that they need to be much more mindful of intellectual property rights.

Update: Chhetry is now going after Three Star Club's Facebook account for using his photos and Brigade Boys Club...