26 October 2009

ANFA losing the plot

It is outrageous that injured players are being played in a youth level tournament. Why risk the kids' careers in a competition that is meant to develop players? ANFA has really lost the plot.

Although the big names in the squad, Rohit Chand and Dipak Bhushal sustained minor injuries in the first match, coach Shakya hinted there would be no change in the playing set on Tuesday. “After losing the first match, we are under tremendous pressure to win. “I am not in the situation to take risk keeping the key players in the bench,"
-Himalayan Times

Another report says Nepal's top prospect Nirajan Malla is also not fully fit but will be playing.

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  1. The matter of fact is that there is hardly any sense of responsibility as far as players welfare goes on part of both ANFA and coaches. We have seen this unfold all these years. Sadly this has been the order of the day to date.Such is the pressure on officials to produce good results that they cannot think of fielding the team sans key players, even it means risking their injury. Also there is the team doctor whose responsibility is to declare players carrying injuries medically unfit for competitive football. Most of the time the doctor report is ignored by the team management. Admittedly, it is a grim and hopeless situation in the context of Nepali football. There is nothing much we can do about it except write about it as concerned fans.