25 July 2009

Shambolic journalism

Today's Republica featured one of the worst researched Nepali sports article (I sent them an email about it, so there is a chance that and the online version might be has been edited if you follow the link).

In a story about Anil Gurung's two goals for Woking FC they stated that Woking was Chelsea's reserve team which is flat out wrong. Woking is an independent club in England's 6th (SIXTH!) division. Also Anil played for a second string lineup which Woking's coach dubbed "young Academy side". There was also no mention that this match was just a pre-season friendly. Thankfully the Himalayan Times did a much better job reporting the facts.

No one is trying to downplay Anil's accomplishments. His journey to England will inspire many footballers and he has created a great buzz for Nepali football. All I am saying is get the facts right!

Update: Republica's sports editor contacted me and thanked me for bringing the blunder to his attention. So being the softie I am - to the newspapers credit, I will say they have written some of the best sports feature stories lately, especially during the 5th National Games.


  1. It is very unfortunate that some journalists ignore to verify and confirm news of significant interest before print. When in doubt do not ever risk, specially in the print business.News small or big are for readers and scribes are duty bound not to mislead or misinform readers through their reporting. I am delighted that by accepting the mistake Republica's sports editor did a good job. And hopefully such glaring mistakes are not repeated.

  2. i bet republica's reporter tried to translate the NAGARIK version without fully understanding the issue!