23 July 2009

Jeevan Ram gets a taste of his own medicine

Jeevan Ram Shrestha, Member Secretary of the National Sports Council, has resigned from his post due to political pressures. Shrestha stepped down before his term ended and as a parting shot said that sports should not be politicized and he should have been able to serve out his tenure. Oh the irony! This from the same guy that has constantly played the political card throughout his time in office and who called on all sports association executive committees to resign en mass after the monarchy was ousted.

Now I'm actually a little disappointed to see Shrestha leave. Unlike him - I truly do believe people should be able to serve out their full term in office. Also in Nepal's sporting context - which basically is at rock bottom - I felt he was doing a decent enough job. Now that the fringe Terai outfit TMLP control the Sports Ministry, it will be really interesting to see who fills Jeevan Ram's shoes.


  1. iron cuts iron.

  2. Shrestha's exit was in the making,and I am not a bit surprised. The saga continues unabated unfortunately at the cost of Nepali sports.Why not change the name to National Sports Political Council.What a sham. How loud we might bark in protest but nothing much is going to change for the good.

  3. The activities of Shrestha are a disgrace to the whole nation. See the attached website.


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