01 July 2009

Rana challenges Thapa

Geeta Rana has comeback from the wilderness to fight against Nepal's football institution - Ganesh Thapa. I was definitely taken aback by the news as Rana has been away from football for the last few years after losing a bitter power-play against Thapa at the start of the millennium.

Having a competitive race for the ANFA Presidency is a good thing. It will create debate and hopefully we will get to hear different visions for the development of football in Nepal. Rana has announced her goals. Now, I look forward to learning of Thapa's strategies.


  1. Will it be like Bin Hamam vs Sheikh Al Khalifa?
    Things are different than past time in Nepalese football. NFA may play some vital role to help Geeta Rana. As some of the NFA members who helped Rana in the past, so this time ANFA Prez. election might be more interesting then ever.

  2. I don't see it. The rules of the new ANFA statutes are stacked against any challengers. But it's always good to have competition.

  3. I am happy that Ganesh Thapa has a challenger in Geeta Rana. Thapa's victory is a foregone conclusion because everything has been set up to his advantage.Now that he has pocketed his biggest rival NFA he is brimming with confidence.
    To me NFA is a big joke. I have to say are nothing but a bunch of power hungry brokers. They got what they wanted from the master manipulator and now support him.