26 July 2009

Jeevan Ram felicitated, Sports Minister speaks

A couple of interesting stories today. Outgoing NSC member secretary Jeevan Ram Shrestha was felicitated by the national sports associations. One of the keynote speakers at the function was Ganesh Thapa who was embroiled in a bitter feud with Jeevan Ram. What this shows is despite all the shenanigans that went on in the sports sector, for the most part, there is consensus that Jeevan Ram brought a progressive agenda to the NSC.

On a related note, Minister for Youth and Sports Ganesh Nepali talked about the sports sector at a press meet in Janakpur. He is correct that sports should not be centralized in Kathmandu and that there are few Madhesis in leadership positions. It is however important to realize that sports is one of the few sectors in Nepal where there is a strong mix of ethnic groups and castes.


  1. In my opinion it was nothing more than shrewdness on part of Ganesh Thapa.To me his words sounded very superficial ,and also it was an attempt by him to extend the olive branch to his adversary. He is well aware that Jeevan Ram Shrestha is capable of making another come back in the future. Whether Shrestha brought a progressive agenda to the NSC is highly debatable.

    Coming to the Minister what matters most is action not words. We have heard this rhetoric time and time again.True sports should be decentralised but his concern for Madhesis smacks of a race card which in fact can become a serious hindarance to the development of sports. Mr Nepali should be more concerned and worried about the pathetic state of sports rather than the Madhesi issue.

  2. I agree with you regarding Ganesh Thapa's comments. But the fact that the entire sports community came together for the event does show that JRS made an impact on Nepali sports.

    As for the sports minister - totally agree. Unfortunately the ethnic card is the most played card these days. Even the most progressive ethnic groups try to justify how they have been marginilized.