19 September 2016

A salute to the Singapore Grand Prix

I've been fortunate to attend many sports events in my day and rarely do I come away massively impressed, but that is exactly how I felt after attending the Singapore Grand Prix.

What is truly remarkable is that the organizers go all out for this event and they have been doing it every year for nearly a decade. They take no shortcuts or half-hearted measures. The race takes place at night, on the roads of downtown Singapore, and it is filled with a whole host of supporting activities and events including world renowned music acts. This year Kylie Minogue, Queen and Imagine Dragons were in town.

The coordination required to pull-off an event like this is immense and in the two days I was at the event I did not encounter or notice a single hitch. If anything I was absolutely floored to find things like the queue for the subway after the race shorter than the normal lines on weekdays after work.

I can't imagine too many places around the globe being able to emulate what Singapore has done with the Grand Prix and long may they be able to host a Formula 1 race. Hats off to the  Lion City.