08 July 2015

An idea to promote local football

ANFA U12 trials

I saw this photo of the kids selected from the ANFA U12 trials and was thinking - why not make a rule that the players that come for the selection have to either wear a Nepal national team or Nepali club jersey. Allow clubs to sell their jerseys right outside the gates of the training field to generate additional income.

At Machhindra FC​ we made it mandatory for all players coming to our open trials to purchase a club jersey as a part of the registration fee. We grossed Rs. 50,000 in revenue from the scheme. MFC ran-out of jerseys during the event and in the end we let a few players join the selection for free and play without a White Lions kit. Surprisingly, those players who were admitted for free and without a jersey were furious. They actually wanted a shirt and were eager to pay the registration fee to get one!

Machhindra FC trials