03 January 2012

Match Fixing in football

I want to write something about match fixing and unruly behavior in Nepali football, but honestly, no one cares except for a handful of diehard fans. Everyone - players, coaches, officials, etc. are in on it and the media not bothered to do any investigative reporting. Nepali football has become more like a chess or poker game - it's more about strategy off the field than the action on the field.

If someone like me who lives abroad has so much inside information on fixed matches, I can only imagine what those around Nepali football fulltime must know.

After the Machhindra-Bansbari fiasco in last seasons Martyrs League A Division, I presumed that the Nepali football fraternity would think twice before manipulating matches, but seeing what is going on in the B Division, it seems it is back to business as usual.