16 May 2011

Dysfunctional clubs need to hire CEOs

Machhindra FC jerseys - nowhere to be found!
Last year Machhindra FC had a plan to market and sell its kits. The goal was to sell 1,000 jerseys at a 100 Rupees profit per shirt meaning a tidy 1 Lakh in extra revenues for the Red Lions.

MFC planned to promote the kits by running contests on Call Kantipur, GoalNepal, Facebook, and various other media outlets. The shirts were to be sold outside the stadium, at the club’s premises and in sports shops all across Kathmandu.

Before the plan could be executed a jersey design had to be agreed upon. Unfortunately the nine member Machhindra Executive Board could not rally around a design. Some wanted more red on the jerseys while others wanted more white. Some wanted stripes, others wanted checkers. Some wanted Adidas and others demanded Nike. In the end the project completely collapsed and the only way to get a Machhindra FC jersey these days is by stealing one from a current player.

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