27 November 2010

Asian Games wrap

Now that I have your attention, a few quick hitters on the Asian Games:
  • Amazing opening and closing ceremonies.
  • China's dominance must be really deflating to the other competitive nations. You're basically playing for a silver medal in 50% of the events.
  • Maybe adding Australia to the Asian Games will help make things more competitive.
  • While Nepal's overall performance was disastrous, we need to salute the many athletes who achieved national records and personal bests.
  • Defeating a Thai Boxer is impressive.
  • Lots of reasons for Nepal's feeble performance, the greatest being a lack of knowledge or curiosity about sports development amongst our sports leaders.
  • Calling Nepal a Martial Arts nation is like calling Hungary a football nation.
  • What made Nepal's performance in the Martial Arts so pathetic was that Pakistan, India and Afghanistan all were able to garner at least a  Silver Medal.
  • Nepali Cricket choking act continues.
  • Media coverage by the Nepali press was quite good. Ajay Phuyal was on fire.